Clubhouse Renovations to Come!

An oasis in the midst of Tampa’s bustling city, Lakeview Oaks Apartments resonates with those seeking a luxury living experience and serene ambiance. Every element of our newly designed clubhouse was chosen with you in mind. From its wood flooring and expansive fitness studio to its elegant finishes and marble tile walls, this is the perfect in-home escape. The gym, lounge area, and productivity center are sure to make Lakeview Oaks a place you will love to call home as you work out, socialize, and stay connected with work or school.

The advanced fitness center will offer a variety of state-of-the-art equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and rowing machines, all with a view of the pool deck from the new, expansive, illuminating windows. The spacious lounge area will be designed as a unique fusion of old-world luxury and modern convenience, featuring plush seating and accents of Mediterranean style. The community productivity area will provide attractive desk space along with ergonomic seating options to encourage focus while you work. With our desktop computers, you can focus on getting things done without feeling too isolated from other people.

We hope to elevate your living experience with our renovated clubhouse —a place where you can relax, work, or engage in a therapeutic workout session. Your comfort and convenience are important to us—and our improved clubhouse is just one step towards providing you with the satisfaction you deserve.